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News in Brief 26 August 2015
  Algeria: 3G expansion funded - Africa Intelligence reports that Ooredoo is to borrow EUR 450 million (USD 501 million) from a banking syndicate to finance the expansion of its 3G network. Alger...(more)

News in Brief 19 August 2015
  Africa and the Middle East: Messaging primary ad media - The Middle East and Africa generated USD 379 million in mobile ad revenue in 2014 according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)....(more)

News in Brief 12 August 2015
    Afghanistan: SIM spotlight - ATRA held a co-ordination meeting with representatives of telecom service providers to discuss the current status of telecom sector in early August. Dr. Moha...(more)

News in Brief 6 August 2015
    Africa: TV delivery - StarTimes is to distribute TV channels for its direct-to-home (DTH) subscribers across Sub-Saharan Africa using SES Platform Services' broadcast facility in Germany...(more)

News in Brief 29 July 2015
  Afghanistan: Introduction for new chief - The recently appointed Chairman of the Afghanistan Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (ATRA) has been formally introduced by Minister of MCIT H. E....(more)

News in Brief 22 July 2015
    Africa: Easier payment - Mobile wallet platform Paytoo is to work with Infenix in order to offer a remittance solution to more than 79 million subscribers in 29 African countries. Paytoo...(more)

News in Brief 14 July 2015
    Africa: Facebook regional focus - Facebook has opened its first sales office in Africa, which is located in Johannesburg, South Africa. The aim is to capitalise on Africa's 200 million I...(more)

News in Brief 2 July 2015
  Afghanistan: Voice enhancement - The Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC) has launched its HD voice service using Adaptive Multirate Wideband Technology (W-AMR) on its 2.5 and 3G networ...(more)

News in Brief 24 June 2015
Algeria: Licence renewals - The Autorite de Regulation de la Poste et des Telecommunications (arpt) published details of two executive decrees on its Website last week. The first related to the V.SAT ...(more)

News in Brief 17 June 2015
  Africa: Fingerprints point the way forward - Biometric identification specialist Morpho says it plans to 'aggressively' capture the untapped markets in the rest of Africa, BizTechAfrica reporte...(more)

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