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News in Brief for w/e 18 January 2018

Chart of the Week: Rwanda Fixed Lines 4Q 2015 - 3Q 2017
Rwanda Fixed Lines 4Q 2015 - 3Q 2017

Source: rura Copyright: Blycroft 2018

The African Data Center
Rises: the transformation
of African Colocation Markets
The Future of African
Bandwidth Markets
The African FTTH Boom The Africa 4G Spectrum Value
Report: 4G Valuation. Outlook
and Business Models

A & ME SUBSCRIBER STATISTICS: East Mediterranean Mobile Network Subscriber Statistics: 2Q 2017
Published in issue 00800 of 18 Jan 2018
Blycroft's Mobile Network Subscriber Statistics for the East Mediterranean states cover 10 states and 120.21 million subscribers at the end of June 2017, up from 118.86 million at the end of March ... More

AFGHANISTAN: ATRA commissions ninth rural programme
Published in issue 00800 of 18 Jan 2018
The Afghanistan Telecom Regulatory Authority’s (ATRA) Universal Access Department has signed contracts forming the 9th Universal Access Project with three telcos for the deployment of 250 new... More

EGYPT: Home-made phone launched delayed
Published in issue 00800 of 18 Jan 2018
SICO Technology is to launch its Nile X 'Made in Egypt' smartphone in the second half of January 2018. The device was due to be originally launched on 18 December 2017 but the 15,000 batteries... More

IRAN: Official device imports boosted after grey market addressed 
Published in issue 00800 of 18 Jan 2018
The official importation of mobile devices has risen by some 104.4 percent after the administration launched a plan to prevent the smuggling of phones into the country. Now mobile phone owners need... More

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KENYA: Money boycott fails to dent transfers in October
Published in issue 00800 of 18 Jan 2018
Data published by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) last week showed mobile cash transactions growing to KES 298.96 billion (USD 288.8 billion) in November 2017, compared with KES 291.23 billion (USD... More

KENYA: MNOs fail to meet CA KPIs for fourth year

Published in issue 00800 of 18 Jan 2018
The three mobile network operators have been fined by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) some KES 311 million (USD 2.99 million) for failing to meet the quality of service targets. This is ... More

MOROCCO: Inwi calls for more progress with LLU
Published in issue 00800 of 18 Jan 2018
Inwi has renewed its call for effective Locla Loop Unbundling (LLU) regulation. Technical director Rachid Mechahouri said that this was vital if it was to offer ADSL and VDSL services, adding that ... More

MOZAMBIQUE: Regulator highlights USF in annual review
Published in issue 00800 of 18 Jan 2018
The Instituto Nacional das Communicacoes de Mozambique has published its Regulatory Report for 2016, and is the second of study of its kind to be released by the regulator. INCM's Chairman... More

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NIGERIA: November data sees Glo flat lining
Published in issue 00800 of 18 Jan 2018
The Nigerian Communications Authority (NCC) has reported that subscribers to mobile services increased from 139.9 million in September to 140.7 million in October and 142.3 million in November.... More

NIGERIA: Glo cautions on 9mobile deal
Published in issue 00800 of 18 Jan 2018
Globacom has denied media reports claiming it was the preferred bidder to acquire mobile operator 9Mobile. It said in a statement that it had not acquired 9mobile, as some media outlets have been ... More

PALESTINE: 3G services promised from month-end
Published in issue 00800 of 18 Jan 2018
Mobile network operators Wataniya and Jawwal are expected to launch 3G services in the West Bank by the end of January, Palestinian officials said, after Israel assigned frequencies and allowed the... More

QATAR: Oordeoo faster fibre packs prove popular 
Published in issue 00800 of 18 Jan 2018
Ooredoo has announced that its new Fibre Home Entertainment plans, which were launched in November 2017, now have some 12,000 households signed-up to them. The plans offer a 50 percent ... More

SOUTH AFRICA: MUX-3 bids sought by ICASA
Published in issue 00800 of 18 Jan 2018
Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) is inviting applications from broadcasters wishing to apply for multiplex spectrum on the third Multiplexer (MUX-3) DTT service. ... More

TANZANIA: Inquiry concludes state-stake sale was illegal
Published in issue 00800 of 18 Jan 2018
An investigation into the regulatory procedures surrounding the takeover of the second mobile operator Airtel Tanzania by Bharti Airtel has concluded that the stake was acquired illegally, and... More

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UGANDA: Petitioners delay MTN licence renewal process
Published in issue 00800 of 18 Jan 2018

MTN Uganda is reported so far not to have been able to renew its licence. In December the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) announced that the operator had applied to extend its licence for a ... More
ZIMBABWE: Ministry to promote base station and fibre roll-outs 
Published in issue 00800 of 18 Jan 2018
In 2017 the Ministry of Telecommunications introduced its infrastructure sharing policy, claiming it would boost the sector by reducing the cost of rolling-out infrastructure. Econet Wireless in ... More

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