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News in Brief 26 September 2018
Africa: Africa: Competitive platform - Liquid Telecom has announced a partnership with Zindi to support the roll-out of its new African data science competition platform. Zindi was launched this month...(more)

News in Brief 19 September 2018
Africa: Africa: 3G for now - Africa is not ready for 5G according to MTN Group's CEO Robert Shuter, although the situation may have changed by 2023, Reuters reported. The CEO said that 5G technology, ...(more)

News in Brief 12 September 2018
Africa: Africa: Reading habits - Opera and Worldreader have said that Africans spent more than 4 million hours reading books on their mobile phones in 2018. This is an increase of 32 percent over the ...(more)

News in Brief 5 September 2018
Africa: Africa: Fast transfers - WorldRemit has launched a new African digital money transfer service, making it easier to send and receive money. WorldRemit's CEO and Co-founder Ismail Ahmed its new ...(more)

News in Brief 29 August 2018
Africa: Africa: UK comes knocking - UK Prime Minister Theresa May is to make an 'unashamed' vow to use Britain's overseas aid budget to boost British investment in Africa after Brexit. The PM declared...(more)

News in Brief 22 August 2018
Africa: Africa: Distribution deal - Westcon Sub-Saharan Africa has secured the sole rights to distribute Extreme Networks in Angola, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mauritius, Nigeria and Tanzania. Extreme Networks ...(more)

News in Brief 15 August 2018
Africa & Middle East: Better understanding - MTN Group has contracted Flytxt to automate inbound and outbound marketing across its entire network of more than 224 million subscribers. The three-ye...(more)

News in Brief 8 August 2018
Africa: Africa: Gender gap - The GSMA's Mobile Gender Gap in 2018 research found that women in Sub-Saharan Africa are 14 percent less likely to own a mobile handset, 20 prcent less likely to use mobil...(more)

News in Brief 1 August 2018
Africa: New post named - Liquid Telecom has named Ahmad Mokhles as Group Chief Operating Officer. This is a new post. Mokhles brings over twelve years of ICT experience to the role, having worked for ...(more)

News in Brief 18 July 2018
Africa: Africa: Ownership opportunity - TomTom is buying out the minority shareholders of TomTom Africa, and consequently, TomTom is to increase its ownership from 76 percent to 100 percent. TomTom sa...(more)

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